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Fish Lake Hopatcong

Lake’s End Marina has all the bait and tackle you’ll need for a fun day of fishing on Lake Hopatcong!

Fishing Licenses available at our Shop (Cash Only).

Lake’s End Marina is an Official Knee Deep Club weigh station.

Knee Deep Club Events

  • Summer Hybrid Striped Bass Contest: Saturday, July 15th 5am through 12 noon Sunday, July 16th
  • Catfish Derby: 6pm Saturday, August 12th through 12 noon Sunday, August 13th
  • Fall Hybrid Striped Bass Contest: 6pm Saturday, September 23rd through 2 pm Sunday, September 24th
  • Fall Walleye Contest: 6pm Saturday, October 7th through 12 noon Sunday, October 8th

Visit for more information.

SpeciesClosed SeasonLIMITMinimum SiSize
Trout (All Types)3/17 to 4/5 at 8am*6 from 4/5 to 5/31;
otherwise 4
9 inches
Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass4/15 to 6/15*5 total12 inches
Walleye3/1 to 4/30*318 inches
Muskellunge (Practice C.P.R.)none136 inches
Hybrid Striped Bassnone216 inches
Chain Pickerelnone515 inches
Channel Catfishnone512 inches
Crappienone108 inches
Alewife (Herring)none10none
All Other (Perch, Bullhead, Sunfish, etc.)none25none

Closed season means you cannot keep that species regardless of size during noted time frame.

Please practice C.P.R. (Catch-Photo-Release) whenever possible. In an effort to build a “trophy” fishery, requests that all muskies caught be released.

* Signifies catch and release only during time frames noted.

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