8 Person Patio Boat

10 Person Patio Boat


2 Person Kayak

Row Boat

Row Boat with Motor

Release and Indemnifications

You will absolve and release Lake’s End Marina from any and all claims and actions for damages in the event of any accident, mishap, injury, death or damage to you or other person and or personal property or any of your family, guests or others while you, you family or guests are engaged in the rental use of boating equipment from the Lake’s End Marina, or its agents or servants; and you hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the said Lake’s End Marina; its agents or servants, from any and all damages, claims or action arising from the use of its boating equipment and you further agree that you will take good and proper care of the rented equipment being used; and in the event of damage there to, by you, your family or guests due to negligence or wear and tear beyond normal use, that you will indemnify and save harmless Lake’s End Marina for the reasonable cost of repairs or replacement of the same. You must be familiar with state and local boating regulations and safe boating procedures as recommended by the United State Coast Guard, and agree to use the water craft in accordance with the rules, regulations and safe boating procedures. You further acknowledge that you are familiar with the use and operation of the water craft, and that Lake’s End Marina or its agents or servants have answered any questions regarding said use and operation of the water craft.

Additional Notes

  • You must be 25 years of age for motorboat rentals–and provide identification.
  • You must have a boating safety certificate to rent any motorized boat.
  • All rented equipment must be returned in good condition with your receipt by the specified time or risk forfeit of deposit an an overtime charge.
  • Life preservers are mandatory and must be worn by children 12 and younger at all times.
  • No rental craft will be occupied by a greater number of persons than shown on the rental agreement (Patio boat capacity is 8 or 10 people maximum, including children).
  • You must inspect the craft and equipment and find it acceptable & suitable for the purpose for which it was leased.
  • No tubing or skiing off of the rented boats.
  • No swimming off of row boats or row boats with motors.
  • Boats may not enter state park or any private property around the lake. “Once you’re on the boat, you must stay on the boat.”

Summer rental hours: Monday through Friday: 8am – 6pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 7am – 6pm.

Reservations are required for pontoon boats on weekends, and for full day rentals only. Please call 973-398-5707 to make reservations. At the time of making a reservation, a $50.00 non-refundable down payment required, which will be applied to the rental price on the day of the boat rental. The down payment is transferable to another future date with 24 hours notice.

Last rowboat and kayak rentals go out at 3:30pm. Renters need to arrive before 3:30pm to do paperwork and safety training, in order to be out by 4pm. Last half day pontoon boat rentals must arrive by 1:30pm.

Spring and Fall rental hours will vary; please call ahead.

Gas is included. Overtime is charges at the hourly rate; no refunds for time not used.

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